Sunday School

(Affiliated to MJSSA, Kerala India)

Sunday School is an essential part of our Church that lays solid foundation of God’s love, Christian beliefs and traditions in our little ones. Our vibrant and charismatic team of teachers helps the kids to enhance their biblical and theological knowledge. Children are encouraged to participate in different programmes such as Vacation Bible School (VBS), competitions, camps and cultural events that foster their potentials.

Text books

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St Mary’s Association for Women (Vanitha Samajam)

Primary focus of St Mary’s Association for Women (Martha Mariyam Vanitha Samajam) is to empower women of our Church, both spiritually and socially. Our dynamic team of ladies come together regularly on Sundays, to pray for each other. It is a firm platform which encourages women to relentlessly involve in spiritual & social events, charity works and other selfless contributions such as refreshments for the members after the Holy Service.

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St George Youth Association

Our group of vibrant and spiritually enlightened Youth always upholds the faith, rituals and the Holy tradition of our Church. It creates an environment which encourages Youth to live a sacred life. Christmas Carols & Annual Family Get-together are some of the events which are coordinated by our energetic Youth.

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Syrian Orthodox Student Movement of Australia

An active and energetic unit of Syrian Orthodox Student Movement of Australia (SOSMA) comprising of all students under the age of 25 years, studying in High School/University is active in our Church. SOSMA helps young generation to come closer to God without the usual hurdles such as generation-gaps that may keep them away from Church.

Church Choir

Our Choir sings on every sunday during the Holy Service and has become an inseparable part of our regular services. Further more, our Choir participates in regional Carol competitions during Christmas season.


Monthly Prayer meetings

Monthly prayer meetings are conducted on every fourth saturday evening at the residence of volunteered members. It helps to bring members together in the divine care and love of almightly God and provides an opportunity to praise Him together and to share the divine messages from Bible.