Only 1 service from 2/08/2020 with limited number of attendees

There will be only ONE Holy Qurbana from 2/08/2020. As we all are aware of the current COVID 19 restrictions and to practice social distancing, we have capped the number of attendees. Kindly submit your request before Friday 9pm through the online forms provided. All request will be processed on Saturday and selected members will be notified before 6pm, latter request will be given priority to attend Holy Qurbana the following week. We appreciate your patience and participation in this regard. Should you require to attend Holy Qurbana for special reasons, do contact us at the earliest and will do our best to facilitate your request.

Kindly note the changed schedule for Holy Qurbana.
Morning Prayer: 07:45 am
Holy Qurbana : 08:30 am