COVID-19 arrangement – Two Holy Qurbana on Sundays

Dear all in Christ,

By the grace of Almighty God, Diocese Metropolitan His Eminence Yuhanon Mar Meletheose has given us permission to conduct two services on every Sunday until the restrictions are lifted by the Australian Government. We hope that this temporary arrangement will be a blessing to all of us during this crisis.
From 28-June-2020, we will have two Holy Qurbana on sundays until the end of this crisis situation, if the annual General body meeting and newly elected managing committee agree to continue. Considering the usual number of people who attended Holy Qurbana before the crisis, we hope that all of our members can attend Holy Qurbana on every sunday. Anyway, those who attended Qurbana on last sunday will be given lesser priority and will be invited only on saturday to opt for a service.
As per the initial tentative plan, 2 services will be arranged as given below:
7:30am – Morning prayer, followed by Holy Qurbana (by Guest Priest)
9:30am – Second Holy Qurbana (by Vicar Fr Geevarghese Kuzhiyelil)
We wish to respect the personal preference of members as much as possible, although there are several limitations. So an online-form link will be sent to you on Thursday (25-June) after 9 pm, where you can specify your preference. If we receive more preferences for a particular time slot than its capacity, we may move the later ones to the other time slot. So please submit the form at the earliest if you want to attend service of a particular slot.
All attendees of first service should leave the Hall by 9:15am, in order to sanitise the Hall for next service. People should leave the School premises by 9:20am to allow safe entry for those who wish to attend the second service. All attendees are requested to follow instructions given by Priests and Managing committee members. Any kind of food/refreshments will not be served for the attendees and hence people are requested to bring their own food, if necessary. However, please note that it is not safe to share it with others. If you have any symptoms of fever or breathing difficulty, kindly follow instructions from Government and stay at home.
Hand wash and sanitizers will be available to ensure personal hygiene. Please use them whenever necessary. But if you wish to use mask or gloves, please bring your own.
In Christ,  
Fr Geevarghese Kuzhiyelil (Vicar)
Sudeep Paulose (Secretary)